hello my name is Robert and I am from Angleton Texas and I currently reside in Iowa Colony Texas . I am a disabled 12 year  veteran of the U.S. Navy . I was a boiler tech 2nd class petty officer (E-5) I was in Desert Storm but because of an incident that occurred while serving on the USS IOWA BB61 . The #2 gun turrent exploded and killed 47 of my fellow shipmates  I didn’t realize then but that has affected me more than I could ever imagine   I still to this day deal with reoccurring nightmares and sleepwalking episodes along with a long list of health problems. I  have been trying to cope with all of this and by trying to hide my keys every night in a different place just so I don’t sleepwalk and get in my car and take off driving 70 mph . I realize now that my memory as well is slipping more and more and I pray that Grace (my 6 month old German Shepherd) can be able  to know if I am  asleep or awake and wake me up so I don’t injure myself,  also help me remember small things like when to take my meds, I hope that she will also help me to get out and quit hiding in my house due to other health problems   She has been great so far and I believe with giveuspaws training and guildence we both can work together to give me more freedom and peace of mind . Thank you for your help and I look forward to working with you.  God bless